Resurfacing Artificial Turf in Banbridge

Resurfacing Artificial Turf in Banbridge

If you have an artificial sports surface which is old and unusable, it might need resurfacing. Resurfacing turf will improving a range of factors, such as playing charcteristics, level you can play to and the look of it.

Synthetic Pitch Resurface in Banbridge

Synthetic Pitch Resurface in Banbridge

A lot of leisure centres, sports clubs, schools and universities have come to us for their pitch to be resurfaced. They want to make sure that their facility has a high quality surface which they can play to a good standard on.

Astroturf Sub Base in Banbridge

Astroturf Sub Base in Banbridge

Under the majority of synthetic sport surfaces, there is a macdam sub base. The reason for this is that macadam provides a porous and durable surface to go under the carpet.

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Resurfacing Sports Pitches in Banbridge

Here at Resurfacing Sports Pitches, we are experts at resurfacing synthetic turf. Our goal is to help players improve a range of factors, such as playing characteristics, level you can play to, and its look. So if you need experienced and friendly resurfacing sports pitches installers in Banbridge,  look no further because we have it all for you.

Resurfacing artificial sports pitches in Banbridge BT35 6 will dramatically improve the amount and quality of sport played. Making a synthetic surface more sport specific allows users to get the best out of your facility. The old artificial sand dressed or sand-filled astro turf used by many has often become old, worn and dated and needs resurfacing to a higher specification.


By ripping up and upgrading existing artificial turf pitches (ATP) and fully resurfacing with the latest 3G and 4G technology, a school, leisure centre, or sports club can improve the sporting experience they provide. An example would be a football pitch inside a sports facility. For more details on ripping up existing turf surfaces, please click here.

Many sports areas and multi-use games areas around the country that have not been recently fitted or rejuvenated can dramatically improve sports playing such as football and rugby.

By ripping up and recycling the synthetic turf pitches (STP) and replacing the synthetic turf with the new surface design of the third generation synthetic turf, your new local sport pitch or MUGA can meet FIFA one star or FIFA two star and IRB/RFU standards.

Artificial Turf Pitch Replacement Near Me

The rip-up and artificial turf sports pitch replacement within the UK are being looked into by many organisations such as:

  • Leisure centres - Ripping up and disposal of old surface made from all-weather artificial astroturf.
  • Sports clubs - Recycling of sand filled, sand dressed and "needle punch" artificial sports pitch carpets.
  • Primary schools - Upgrading of dated synthetic grass to higher specification.
  • Secondary schools - Looking at the use of third generation surfacing on existing MUGA.
  • Colleges - Seeking a new synthetic surface for the use of football, rugby and hockey.
  • University - Upgrading to the latest technology 3G and 4G sport surfacing.

Replace, Upgrade and Resurface All Weather Surfacing

The rip-up and replacement of existing artificial sport surfaces are now another option that many nearby organisations consider, especially when thinking about refurbishing an existing surface. However, because the replacements require a vast amount of money on a complete surface replacement, it is necessary to view other options which may save money in the long run. Please get in touch with us by filling up your contact details in the contact form provided to receive more information about the replacement, upgrading, and resurfacing of all-weather surfacing.

The latest 3G artificial grass technology is a very desirable sport and recreational surface for many in Banbridge BT35 6; therefore lends itself extremely well to rent outs and other special events. Furthermore, the improved playing characteristics mean that many professional sport clubs worldwide choose to train and even play on this top quality artificial surface with a good life span.

For this reason, before going ahead with replacing an old surface sand filled carpet, it is vital to explore the costs and design prices of an environmentally friendly rip-up and replace it with the latest technology 2G or third-generation synthetic sports surface. It is even possible to adjust the pile height, weight and shock pad of new surfacing to target the playing characteristics of a particular sport.


What is a 3G Pitch?

A 3G pitch is an artificial sport facility used for sport like football and rugby. If you wish to have something distinctive to natural grass, we provide an artificial 3G playing flooring. To learn more about 3G pitches, please visit this page. The surface continues to be certified by bodies that include FIFA, the FA, and IRB to ensure the synthetic turf is acceptable for sporting activity, such as rugby and soccer.

The synthetic turf can range in pile length from 32 millimetres, mainly intended for hockey fields, to 60 millimetres used for rugby. If you want to make use of the surrounding areas for football generally, then a 40-millimetre grass size is best suited. This is often ordinarily set up onto a shock pad to lower impact damage from the flooring.

Does artificial turf need maintenance

We install a permeable sub base when we have dug out the present flooring. There are two primary sub-base varieties that may fit a 3G pitch; these are engineered and dynamic types. An engineered sub base is made up of compressed stone and then macadam above, creating a firm foundation for a shock pad to get installed. The 3G turf is made with rubber infill and silica sand infill. This enhances the performance properties of the facility including the drainage properties of the turf.

The sand infill can also keep up with the structure of the stack size, making the facility secure under foot and enhancing the users' performance experience. For more information on what a 3G pitch is, please contact our team, and we will get back to you with more information. 

Synthetic Pitch Resurface Near Me in Banbridge

3G all-weather surface tends to be extremely popular throughout Britain. This facility works extremely well all year long in almost any weather conditions, helping avoid any competing matches from getting stopped. Schools and colleges may also use 3G surfaces for physical education and sporting activities, ideally for physical education establishments. Physical education does not have to be cancelled on account of poor weather. Likewise, universities can benefit from 3G pitches as the artificial sports pitch will not get water logged after serious downfall and can still be utilised.

Recreational facilities and athletics centres will benefit from having these pitches as they can be booked throughout the year. However, should your facility become worn out, it is vital to carry out a synthetic pitch resurface as soon as possible. Resurfacing sports pitches is essential if you want to keep the surface in the best possible condition for the players.

Does artificial turf need maintenance?

While many people think that low maintenance means no maintenance, artificial grass is a low-maintenance option to a natural lawn. Although fake lawns do not need irrigation or mowing like real lawns, they do require some maintenance to maintain them in good shape. 

How do you rejuvenate artificial grass?

Brushing the lawn on a daily basis in compliance with the amount of ‘traffic' it receives is advised to maintain it in the best possible shape. Brushing the grass will hold the fibres straight for a longer period of time, giving the lawn a more natural appearance.

Is artificial grass worth the money?

Artificial grass is low-maintenance, pet-friendly, long-lasting, cost-effective, and provides a variety of design choices. It can provide you with a lush, colourful space that you will appreciate all year. For carpet field owners, artificial turf is less expensive than natural grass. While artificial turf seems to be more costly at first, it is much easier to maintain than natural turf. The natural lawn could be less expensive, but even though the artificial turf is more expensive, it does not require much upkeep.

Similarly, using fake grass in your home's greenhouse is very beneficial to the customer. Artificial lawns offer all of the benefits of a sports stadium in the comfort of your own backyard. When you understand the benefits of artificial turf, you will be certain that it is well worth the investment.

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Many nearby establishments can gain extra money by renting the sports pitch out after hours after a pitch resurfaced. In addition, it is possible to include extra features on your facility like floodlighting, which makes the facility more appealing. You can find out more about the equipment we can supply by visiting this page. We receive our man made grass from various reliable providers, for instance, Playrite, Lano Sports and Rhino Turf.

We make an effort to ensure that our clientele gets the very best value for money; this is attainable since every one of our suppliers develops requirements that fulfil various regulatory body accreditations.

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