2G Synthetic Turf in Bitterscote

2G Synthetic Turf in Bitterscote

2G sport surfaces are most commonly used for hockey, tennis, basketball and football. The most common is hockey because it creates an ideal surface which they can use up to a high standard.

2G Sport Surfaces in Bitterscote

2G Sport Surfaces in Bitterscote

When a 2G sport surface is installed, the client normally wants fencing and floodlighting as well. This is to stop the ball rolling out and also allows the pitch to be used all year round.

2G Artificial Sports Pitches in Bitterscote

2G Artificial Sports Pitches in Bitterscote

2G artificial surfaces are used across the UK in organisations including schools, leisure centres, sports clubs, colleges and universities. It is a popular surface because a variety of sports can be played on them.

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2G AstroTurf Sports Pitches in Bitterscote

Here at 2G AstroTurf Sports Pitches, we can provide right across the UK in organisations including schools, leisure centres, sports clubs, colleges and universities. It is a popular surface because a variety of sports can be played on them. If you're in need of experienced and friendly 2G astroturf sports pitches installers in Bitterscote then look no further than us.

2G AstroTurf sports pitches in Bitterscote B78 3 are basically a second generation artificial grass designed to be infilled with sand or dressed in silica sand. The 2G surfacing is used widely across the UK as a multi-use games area artificial turf pitch (ATP) which can be used for almost any sport including football, rugby, tennis, netball and hockey.

The carpet is made up of vertical fibres and yarns of synthetic turf filled or dressed in the sand creating usual pile height of about 22-24 mm high. Although this surface is ideal for the use of hockey, it is often installed in ATPs, MUGAs and STPs as it is a surface which can lend itself to many sports. The 2G Astroturf pitches are commonly fitted with surrounding rebound fencing and floodlighting meaning that the surfaces can be utilised in almost any conditions, all year round.

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We can also install various other surfaces including 3G and 4G. If you require details on the 4G surfacing, please click here http://artificialturfpitchreplacement.co.uk/new-surfacing/4g-astroturf-surfaces/staffordshire/bitterscote/ Our team can install surfaces from second generation to fourth generation, so please let us know if you require pitch replacement. If you'd like more information on nearby 2G astroturf surfaces, please complete our contact form and we will get back to you straight away with all the information you need regarding sand filled and sand dressed surfaces.

What is 2G Surfacing?

The 2G surfacing is a type of artificial sport surface which may be used for a number of sports including football, netball, rugby and more. 2G synthetic turf can either be sand filled or sand dressed - this will vary depending on the activities you'd like to carry out on the facility and its surrounding area. Since 2nd generation Astro grass can be utilised for numerous sports, a lot of closest schools, sporting clubs and leisure centres choose to have 2G MUGA facilities built where a number of different sports may be played in a single space.

Second Generation 2G AstroTurf Sport Surfacing

Second Generation 2G AstroTurf sport surfacing in Bitterscote B78 3 has been designed and installed throughout the UK for many years and is an ideal hockey surface as it meets FIH accreditation but also is specified to be a multisport surface. 2G Surfaces create use for tennis, basketball and football and can also be utilised for recreational purposes lending itself well to schools and their surrounding area. The 2nd generation sand-filled synthetic sport carpet is also favoured by organisations such as:

  • Primary Schools - Multi use game astroturf sport and recreational play
  • Secondary Schools - Physical education and lunchtime activities on sand-filled astroturf
  • Leisure Centres - Sand-filled turf ball court MUGA for many sporting uses
  • Sports Clubs - Build with surrounding floodlights and rebound fencing for night time activities
  • Colleges - Hockey matches and football, rugby, netball and basketball training
  • Universities - Sporting surfaces for all weather conditions at all times of day

How to Install a 2G Pitch Near Me

When looking at how to install a local 2G pitch, it is important to get a professional to complete the work:

  1. Excavate the existing surface by uplifting current turf
  2. Dispose of or recycle old grass
  3. Install compacted stone sub base
  4. Install macadam base
  5. Lay down new synthetic turf carpet
  6. Apply line markings for sports you wish to play

We can carry out the entire installation process for you from start to finish, disposing of any old synthetic turf or natural grass. Since we have worked in the surfacing industry for many years, we are highly qualified professionals and our installations are completed to a very high standard.

To learn more about our professional team, please click here http://artificialturfpitchreplacement.co.uk/staffordshire/bitterscote/ If you wish to have a 2G pitch installed, please speak to a member of our team regarding costs and prices for the installation by simply filling in our contact form. Once we receive your enquiry we will respond with all the information you need along with a free quotation for installations and resurfaces.

Replacement of 2G Surfaces Near Me in Bitterscote

The rip-up, recycling and replacement of 2G surfaces may be required in order to refurbish old Astro grass multisport flooring that needs resurfacing or upgrading to a 3G rubber infilled football, rugby or hockey surface. For more details on renovating sports pitches, have a look at this http://artificialturfpitchreplacement.co.uk/upgrade-facility/renovation-sports-fencing/staffordshire/bitterscote/ If the primary sport is still likely to be hockey, an organisation may decide to rip up the worn 2G surfacing and replace it with some new second generation sand-dressed or sand-filled artificial grass surfaces.

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