3G Sport Surfaces in Shannochill

3G Sport Surfaces in Shannochill

3G sport surfaces are used for football and rugby, they provide similar playing charcteristics to natural grass and meet the necessary accrediations.

3G Synthetic Pitches in Shannochill

3G Synthetic Pitches in Shannochill

3G stands for third generation, it can be filled with rubber and sand and this can improve the playing charcteristics of the surface.

Artificial 3G Grass in Shannochill

Artificial 3G Grass in Shannochill

Artifical 3G grass is available in a variety of heights and weights, this all depends on the sports which you want to play on it.

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3G AstroTurf Sport Surfacing in Shannochill

Welcome to AstroTurf Sports surfacing, our expert team supply 3G grass which is available in a variety of heights and weights, this all depends on the sports which you want to play on it. Do you need an experienced 3G astroturf sports surfacing contractor in Shannochill? Then you have come to the right place.

3G AstroTurf sport surfacing in Shannochill FK8 3 is a third-generation artificial grass surfacing product that is infilled with both sand and rubber with the sand helping the synthetic turf stand up and the rubber improving playing characteristics. The 3rd generation sports surface is a specialised specification designed for football and rugby purposes as it meets the surfacing accreditation of FA, FIFA, IATS, IRB and the RFU.

The 3rd generation sport surfacing comes in different pile weight and heights depending upon the specifications and requirements of use. A standard pile height for an artificial football surface meeting FIFA standards would be 40mm rubber infilled surface however if rugby league or union is to be played on the 3G synthetic turf pitch (STP) a pile height of up to 60mm with a rubberised shock pad may be required improving the playing characteristics and shock absorbency of the sport flooring.

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Our team are experts in the installation of 3G surfacing and have years of experience in the industry. You can find out more about our team here http://artificialturfpitchreplacement.co.uk/stirling/shannochill/ For more information on 3G astroturf, please contact our sales team who can offer you details on costs, prices and specifications of the synthetic turf. In order to get in touch with our staff all you need to do is fill in the contact box on the right and we will get back to you.

What is 3G Grass?

3G grass is a type of synthetic turf used for nearby sports pitches for activities such as football and rugby. The synthetic fibres offer a porous surfacing type which allows water to drain through easily. This is great for sporting facilities in local schools and leisure centres, as the facility can be used all year round in any weather - making it an all-weather surface. Due to the permeable properties, the pitch will not become waterlogged or flooded - this means that matches will not have to be cancelled due to bad weather. 

It is important to think about the sports you want to play. The sports you play on 3G surfaces will not be the same as those played on 2G. To learn about the sports you can play on 2G surfaces, please have a look at this page. http://artificialturfpitchreplacement.co.uk/new-surfacing/2g-astroturf-surfaces/stirling/shannochill/ Our team can offer details on the different surface options and advise you on the best one to have installed for your facility.

3G grass is a great alternative to regular turf, as less maintenance is required and the surface lasts a long time if the correct maintenance is carried out. We would recommend regularly drag brushing, cleaning and rejuvenating the facility. However, if the sport surface is old and worn out we can carry out a full resurface which involves ripping up the existing surface and replacing it with a brand new manmade carpet.

Third Generation 3G All Weather AstroTurf Rubber Pitches Near Me

Third Generation 3G All Weather astroturf rubber pitches are installed in many different specifications dependent upon the primary use of the pitch. Many variants determine the design because a full understanding of what sports are wanting to be played on the artificial turf pitch (ATP) flooring is needed. Here are just a few examples of different project specifications been installed in the UK:

  • 15mm insitu rubber shockpad along with a 32mm 3G artificial grass (ATP artificial turf pitch)
  • 15mm rubber shock pad with a 40mm 3G astroturf (STP synthetic turf pitch)
  • 25mm insitu shockpad with a 40mm 3G manmade grass (FIFA 1*, IATS approved)
  • 15mm rubber shockpad with a 60mm 3G artificial turf (FIFA 2* & IRB sports pitch)
  • Rebounce preformed rubber shock pad with a 60mm 3G turf (FIFA Two Star)
  • Re-bounce preformed shockpad with a 65mm 3G astroturf filled with rubber

Replacement of Old Synthetic AstroTurf Sports Surfaces in Shannochill

Sports organisations in Shannochill FK8 3 are now looking into the rip up and refurbishment of existing sports MUGA flooring. By uplifting old work, 2G sand filled sport surfaces and upgrading the area with the latest 3rd generation technology the all-weather pitches can be refurbished into the state-of-the-art design and specification artificial surface.

Leisure centres, sporting clubs, schools colleges and universities across closest to you and your surrounding areas are looking to provide up to date specialist sporting equipment and facilities for top quality use. For info on costs of rip ups or prices on replacement with 3G artificial rubber filled grass please we will be happy to help you with different designs and specifications of astroturf. For information on how old artificial grass can be reused and recycled please visit out uplift and recycle page.


You may be thinking about replacing your 3G pitch with a 4G surface. To learn more about 4G please click here http://artificialturfpitchreplacement.co.uk/new-surfacing/4g-astroturf-surfaces/stirling/shannochill/ Our team can help you decide what would be best for your facility and offer you a free quote for the replacement of old synthetic astroturf sports surfaces.

How to Install a 3G Pitch

If you are interested in how to install a 3G pitch, it is best to geet qualified professionals to complete the work. We follow a simple method to ensure the facility is installed to the top standard:

  1. Excavate the surfacing which is down at the moment
  2. Lay stone and compact to required depths
  3. Install macadam sub base
  4. Install shock pad if necessary - often installed for rugby
  5. Lay the synthetic sports carpet
  6. Glue seams together where necessary
  7. Install line markings for the sports of your choice

Other Services We Offer

As professional installers and resurface specialists, we are able to completely transform your existing area. For more details on 3G astroturf sport surfacing in Shannochill FK8 3 please contact our team and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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