Uplifting Artificial Surfaces in Bibury

Uplifting Artificial Surfaces in Bibury

Artificial turf can be uplifted for many reasons, the most common one is that it is old and needs replacing but some people want to change their surface to a different type and this also involves a resurface.

Uplift of Sport Surfaces in Bibury

Uplift of Sport Surfaces in Bibury

Some people need to have their synthetic surface uplifted because specialist maintenance will not solve their issue, for example a large drainage problem . When we rip the surface up, we will check for any problems and fix them before a new surface is isntalled.

Uplifting Synthetic Sport Pitches in Bibury

Uplifting Synthetic Sport Pitches in Bibury

When the pitch carpet has all been ripped up and folded into a pile, we will move the old carpet to one side and then safety and environmentally friendly recycle the turf.

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Uplifting Existing Artificial Sports Surfacing in Bibury

As experts in Uplifting Existing Artificial Sports Surfacing in Bibury GL7 5 we can uplift and recycle a number of synthetic grass types. We are now at a time where many old synthetic turf sports pitches are being replaced or updated. If you want more expert advice on uplifting existing artificial sports surfacing in Bibury, our friendly and experienced team are here to help.

To learn about the surface and sub base upgrades we can carry out please click here http://artificialturfpitchreplacement.co.uk/upgrade-facility/upgrade-sub-base/gloucestershire/bibury/ This is the case for a number of organisations near me including schools, colleges, universities, leisure centres and sports clubs. You will find many options when you choose to uplift, remove and revitalise an existing manmade sport surface facility.


We may offer a wide range of information regarding uplifting astroturf pitch carpets since we are expert surfacing installers with years of experience. If you would like a quote for our uplifting and recycling work, please do not hesitate to get in contact. All you need to do is fill in the contact box with your details and any questions or queries that you may have and we'll get back to you with answers and a quote if necessary.

Removing Synthetic Turf Near Me

It may be that you are happy with your artificial sport surface type but feel the current manmade turf has reached the end of its life span, it would be beneficial to remove the existing artificial grass and replace with a newer fresher looking synthetic carpet of the same grade. For example, if your all weather pitch facility is currently a 2G sand filled or sand dressed surface and is predominantly used for hockey.

To learn more about 2G surfaces please check out this page http://artificialturfpitchreplacement.co.uk/new-surfacing/2g-astroturf-surfaces/gloucestershire/bibury/ It'd be a good decision to install a new sand filled or sand dressed 2G astroturf carpet. If you are thinking about removing synthetic turf and you would like our help, please contact us now.

Sports Pitch Updates in Bibury

It may be that a sport or leisure centre closest to you in Bibury GL7 5 currently hold regular small sided football leagues on a manmade second generation pitch. Even though this is a suitable surfacing for football it is more suited to hockey and if another venue in close proximity host weekly 5-a-side or 7-a-side soccer customers may choose to enter their teams there.

This would be an ideal reason to uplift and remove the existing sand filled surface and replace it with a modern and up to date 3G or 4G rubber and sand infill artificial grass sport surface. There are a number of methods of sporting field reclamation that are carried out by nearby specialist contractors using the specialised plant.

The uplift of old turf means a new STP fourth generation or ATP third generation sports surface can be installed creating an improved area for sport and play. These sports pitch updates are very popular in professional sports clubs since top quality facilities will be necessary.

Environmentally Friendly Resurfaces Near Me

There are many environmentally friendly resurfaces on the market, the most innovative being covering the inside of -

  • Golf bunkers
  • Golf pathways
  • Cemetery burials

The old sand filled astroturf surfaces provide a perfect surface for the golf bunker as it gives it a natural and aesthetically pleasing look and also blends in well to the surroundings.

Other local establishments and venues are finding a use for -

  • Old Astroturf grass farms
  • Equestrian centres
  • Sports clubs
  • Driving range golf facilities

Uplift and Recycle Old Synthetic Artificial Turf

The government are always looking for a greener environment the UK and what better way than to not send the old fake grass to the landfill and try to find a secondary use for these existing surfaces that are being ripped up and uplifted. For more details on ripping up and disposing of the existing surface please click here http://artificialturfpitchreplacement.co.uk/remove-existing-surfaces/rip-up-dispose/gloucestershire/bibury/ Ripping up synthetic sports turf surfaces and taking them to landfill has many long and short term environmental effects, considering these it is very important to recycle and reuse.

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A number of people choose to uplift and recycle old synthetic artificial turf, for more details on this process please get in touch using the contact form provided.

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We can offer top quality resurfaces and we start with simply uplifting and recycling your old synthetic turf. If you'd like more information on the process we follow or you would like details on costs of uplifting existing artificial sports surfacing in Bibury GL7 5 please fill out the contact form and we will get right back to you.

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