Sports Pitch Fencing in Borrowston

Sports Pitch Fencing in Borrowston

Each type of sport has an ideal type of fencing, this is because if you want to play sports like football and rugby but use tennis fencing, it will need replacing quickly because of damages.

Super Rebound Fencing in Borrowston

Super Rebound Fencing in Borrowston

Super rebound fencing is a very strong type of fencing, we recommend it for facilities where a ball will hit the fencing regulalry, this type of fencing is availabe in a range of sizes, heights and colours.

Sports Fencing Renovation in Borrowston

Sports Fencing Renovation in Borrowston

We recommend fencing for sports pitches because it provides an area which the ball can't roll out of and an enclosed area. If you have old fencing which needs replacing or fixing, then you should do it as soon as possible because it won't be any use if not working properly.

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Renovation of Sports Fencing in Borrowston

We are Renovation of Sports Fencing, we are specialists in super rebound fencing which is a very strong type of fencing, we recommend it for facilities where a ball will hit the fencing regularly, this type of fencing is available in a range of sizes, heights and colours. If you'd like more expert advice on the renovation of sports fencing in Borrowston, our friendly and experienced team are here to help.

Renovation of sports fencing in Borrowston KW1 5 is a crucial part of a sports facility refurbishment. Not only do new and improved double rebound-fencing found on modern Astroturf and 3G facilities look more attractive they also help drastically improve the playing characteristics with the rebound panels ideal for football and soccer.


The typical height of fence installed is 3m which usually consists of 1.2m of the bottom of the fence where the rebound twin bar rebound panel is installed. This is made up of double 8mm horizontal wires and 6mm vertical wires to create a 66.5mm x 50mm aperture which makes the panel solid and visibly strong.

The further 1.8m is usually created using 8mm wires to form a 200mm x 50mm aperture making the fence panel as rigid as possible to give the best possible rebound. For more information on renovation and upgrade of sport fences closest to you, please get in touch with our team using the contact form provided on this page and we will get back to you at the earliest convenience. 

Rebound Sports Fencing Near Me

The super rebound fence panel dramatically adds to the playing characteristics of fast-paced small sided soccer games allowing the ball to rebound into play without absorbing the pace out of it. Older enclosure systems such as chicken wire or chain link were suitable enclosure options but failed to give this rebound characteristic. They instead absorbed some of the paces off the ball slowing the game down and overtime began to warp in high impact areas, leaving the facility looking tired.

Along with rebound sports fencing, we also offer various other equipment pieces for your sports facility, so please have a look at this webpage to see the other equipment we provide There are various sports equipment we provide, so make certain to check out this webpage for more details or get in touch with our team using the contact form available.

Super Rebound Fence Suppliers

As expert super rebound fence suppliers, we have a number of options available for you. Super rebound twin bar 868 enclosure is available in a wide range of heights ranging from 1m to 5m, we can talk you through how to go about upgrading your all weather pitch sports-fencing as well as provide you with the price and costs associated with removing the worn existing sports-fencing and replacing with and aesthetically pleasing strong super rebound system.

When upgrading the fencing you might also be interested in upgrading your surface and sub base. To learn more about sub base upgrades please click here Our expert team would be pleased to upgrade your sub base at a reasonable price, so make sure to visit this page for more details now.

Should you require more information regarding the super rebound fencing that we supply and install, please complete the enquiry form. Once we receive your enquiry we will get back to you at the earliest opportunity.

Refurbishing Existing Sport Fences Near Me in Borrowston

The fencing system on the facility is crucial to the protection and security of your pitch but is also there to retain the ball within the sporting area. Below shows several renovations in the UK that your facility might need:

  • Chicken Wire to Twin Bar Weldmesh Fence Specification
  • Chain Link Fences to Solid 868 Panel
  • Rolled Weldmesh to Super Rebound-Fencing
  • Adding Extra Double Leaf Gate or Single Leaf Gates
  • Adding Goal Recess for Storage of Sports Equipment
  • Upgrade to have timber kickboards installed to the bottom
  • Adding a spectator rail post and panel system for spectators

To find out more information regarding refurbishing existing sport fences or to find out what system fits your budget in Borrowston KW1 5 please do not hesitate to contact us and we'll be happy to supply you with a quote.

Sports Fencing Costs

The cost to renovate nearby sports fences can vary depending on a number of different factors. One big factor which can alter the price to install and renovate a sport fence is the current condition of the fence-panels. If the gates are in extremely bad condition, we may need to completely remove the panels and install brand new fencing. The height of fences will also have an impact on the costs along with the type of fencing you choose to have. Some are more hard-wearing than others and these are generally more expensive. 

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The size of your facility and its surrounding areas will also cause the sports fencing costs to vary. If you have a bigger local facility, more fence panels will be required which means that you will generally have to pay more than what you would if you had a smaller facility. Minor repairs can be done to sport fences and it is important you look out for these early on, in order to minimise the costs of repair. For more information with regards to the services our team can carry out, please click here We can offer details on all our services and the costs involved.

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