Dynamic Stone Sub Base in Cauldhame

Dynamic Stone Sub Base in Cauldhame

When the installation of synthetic surfaces is taking place, one of the most important things is the sub base. This image shows a dynamic sub base, it has been rolled flat and the stones are angular making it porous.

Upgrading Sports Shockpad in Cauldhame

Upgrading Sports Shockpad in Cauldhame

Shockpads are used to reduce the amount of impact a person has when falling on artificial turf. We highly recommend rubber shock pads because otherwise it will feel like falling on tarmac and you could seriously injure yourself.

Installing Surface Shock Pad in Cauldhame

Installing Surface Shock Pad in Cauldhame

Shock pad go directly below the synthetic carpet and on top of the macadam base. Some people have to have a turf replacement to fix or replace their shockpad if it has become damaged or if it is worn out.

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Upgrade Sub Base Specification in Cauldhame

Here at upgrade sub base Specification, our UK leading expert team use shock pads to reduce the amount of impact a person has when falling on artificial turf. We highly recommend rubber shock pads because otherwise it will feel like falling on tarmac and you could seriously injure yourself. If you want to upgrade a sub-base specification in Cauldhame, our friendly and experienced team are here to help.

An artificial turf pitch replacement is a perfect time to check the base and repair any defects the sports pitch may have, such as the levels and general performance of the pitch; we can upgrade sub base specification in Cauldhame FK8 3 to improve your facility overall. When removing the old existing artificial turf it is important to do this with considerable care so that there is minimal disturbance to your sub-base.

There are a number of different types of sub-base for sports pitches the most common a dynamic sub-base which is made up of compacted MOT Type 1 Stone or an engineered sub-base which is a layer of macadam or a no fines concrete. If when up lifted the surface is unlevel or has a degree of undulation it is important to pay attention to this, if the carpet is laid on top of an uneven sub-base it will just follow the existing contours. We offer sub-base upgrades for a variety of surfaces including 3G.

To learn more about 3G surfaces please visit this page http://artificialturfpitchreplacement.co.uk/new-surfacing/3g-astroturf-surfaces/stirling/cauldhame/ We provide details on the various surfaces and the sub bases we can upgrade.


If you would like to find out more about upgrading your base spec, please local contact our team using the enquiry form on this page. We will be more than happy to talk you through the process and the benefits of updating your existing sub-base. 

SuDS Compliant Sub Base Near Me

If the existing base is MOT Type 1 Stone and a little uneven it is possible to add more MOT Type 1 Stone to the troubled areas and compacting until level. Other options include laying an engineered layer of asphalt macadam over the entire area closest to you to give the sports surface the most even, level finish possible.

All sub-bases which we install in Cauldhame FK8 3 are SUDS compliant meaning that in the event of rainwater is able to drain through the system suitably into the sub strata instead of flowing straight into the drains causing them to over burden and flood.

What is a Sub Base?

A sub base is the layer of aggregate which is installed prior to laying the top surface. For nearby synthetic turf sports pitches, a number of materials can be used for the sub-base. First, a dynamic stone sub-base is installed to the required depths across the surface. After the compacted stone has been installed, professionals will lay a tarmacadam foundation layer to create a smooth surface for the synthetic turf to be installed on. For sports like rugby, a rubber shock pad may be installed prior to laying the artificial grass to allow for improved safety characteristics. 

Upgraded Surface Specs 

Below shows different upgraded specification option you might come across:

  • Upgrade from stone dynamic base to a macadam engineered base
  • Supply and install a new rubber insitu shockpad if there currently isn't one
  • Upgrade or repair existing shockpads or macadam
  • Add more drainage if there is any issues with current pitch holding water (SUDS compliant)
  • Correct any slight undulations and levels on the pitch (sports testing to meet FIFA 2*)

In the event of unlevel surrounding areas on an insitu laid shockpad it's possible to add amounts of rubber to bring the surface level and back within tolerance.

Repair or Upgrade Shockpads Near Me

When an artificial sports surface is first replaced general repairs to your shockpad are more common than a complete rip-up and replacement of the shock pad. This is because a rubber shockpad should last double the amount of time of the synthetic turf and therefore during its first replacement, if uplifted by a specialist contractor, minimal damage should be done to the shock pad layer meaning it should be in a good enough condition to lay onto with only slight repairs needed.

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Our team can offer various other services too including the supply of sports equipment. For details regarding the equipment, we supply please click here http://artificialturfpitchreplacement.co.uk/upgrade-facility/upgrade-sports-equipment/stirling/cauldhame/ We would be more than happy to provide the equipment for you when carrying out sub-base upgrades, so please contact us if you have any further requests.

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For more information about repairing a shockpad or sub-base or to find out the cost and prices of upgrading rubber shock pad or sub-base please do not contact us. Simply fill in our contact form and we will respond with details on how to upgrade sub base specification in Cauldhame FK8 3 and the costs and prices for this work.

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