Rip Up Sport Surfaces in Aylesham

Rip Up Sport Surfaces in Aylesham

To get synthetic pitches resurfaced, the first step is to rip up the existing carpet. This will then leave you will a sub base to resurface.

Ripping Up Synthetic Pitches in Aylesham

Ripping Up Synthetic Pitches in Aylesham

To rip up surfaces, a machine will push the carpet, this will also roll up the old turf neatly for you, where you can then dispose of it.

Rip Up and Dispose of Surface in Aylesham

Rip Up and Dispose of Surface in Aylesham

When all of the synthetic surface has been ripped up, the next part is disposing of it. It is important to dispose of the turf in an environmentally friendly way and we make sure that we do this.

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Rip Up Existing Artificial Turf Surfaces in Aylesham

Welcome to Rip Up Existing Artificial Turf Surfaces, we are qualified contractors who are able to rip up existing turf surfaces in Aylesham CT3 3 and replace them with brand new artificial grass. Do you need an experienced rip up existing artificial turf surfaces contractor in Aylesham Then you have come to the right place.

Ripping Up artificial turf pitch (ATP) surfaces is going to become more common as many of the first synthetic all weather pitches are coming to the end of their life span and are needed to be replaced by a like for like artificial grass carpet or upgrade to possibly a new 3G surface or 4G surfacing.

If you want to upgrade your 2G surface, make sure to contact us now using the enquiry form. To learn more about 2G surfaces please click here Bringing in professionals to rip-up an existing artificial sports pitch is also necessary because the tear up and the disposing of manmade grass needs both specialist equipment and expertise.

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Our team will be more than happy to offer you more information on the rip up existing artificial turf surfaces process if required. Please leave us an enquiry in the contact box provided on this page and we will respond as soon as possible.

Ripping Up Current Surfacing Near Me

When thinking about ripping up current surfacing, it is important to get a professional to carry out the excavation of the existing surface to make sure that the process is done correctly. We use specialist equipment to rip-up the current surface making sure not to damage the existing sub base. If you would like to speak to our professionals regarding the upgrade of your closest facility, please fill in your details using the contact box provided on this page. Once we receive your enquiry we will get back to you with details on the services we provide along with costs and prices involved.

Excavate Synthetic Turf Pitch Near Me

Are you looking to excavate your synthetic turf pitch? The type of manmade surfaces that are likely to need a rip-up and replace are manmade surfacing such as sand dressed sports carpet, sand filled astroturf and old worn needle punch flooring that has become dated. Although these synthetic turf pitch (STP) surfaces are still commonly used for local primary sports such as hockey, rugby and football, they have now been overtaken in the sports market by rubber infilled 3G and 4G surfacing which suits the playing characteristics much more closely.

To learn more about 3G surfacing make sure to have a look at this page We can rip up and dispose of this surface or even install it depending on your individual needs and requirements.

You can find out more about the excavation process by speaking to a member of our team. All you need to do is complete the contact form provided on this page and we will get back to you with more details and a quote. 

Benefits of Resurfacing

There are many benefits of resurfacing. As most all weather pitches are not properly maintained after installation, this may have dramatically decreased the life span of the sports carpet. Whilst a rejuvenation is also possible, this can often be a costly way to revitalise an old and dated surface which could be replaced with a later and more suitable surface.

By ripping up the current all weather sports pitch in an environmentally friendly manner with minimal disturbance, it's then possible to lay the latest specification of 3G surfacing to a FIFA one or two-star standard. If rugby is desirable, it's also possible to rip-up the existing surfacing and provide a specialised synthetic rugby turf MUGA surface meeting IRB and RFU sport specifications.

Dispose of Old Synthetic Surfacing in Aylesham

Disposal of old synthetic surfacing once the rip-up of existing sports pitch has taken place. The disposal of old fake grass involves recycling in an environmentally friendly way. It is important that all the worn artificial flooring that is being ripped up and disposed of has use somewhere else and is not being wasted or disposed of in a way that is bad for the environment.

By ensuring that the fake plastic grass is recycled and has a function somewhere else before the uplift takes place, it's possible for the customer to feel at ease that the rip-up, disposal and replacement for their artificial place is a green process meeting the environmental needs.


Before upgrading the sub base and surface it is obvious that you will need to rip up and dispose of the existing surface. You can find out more about sub base upgrades here The rip-up and environmentally friendly disposal of manmade grass is becoming more popular within your surrounding areas in Aylesham CT3 3 with organisations such as nearby leisure centres, sports clubs, primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities aiming to recycle their current astroturf pitch and have the latest sports surface installed. For more information on costs, methods of recycling and quotes for manmade grass rip up and replace process, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Our team will be more than happy to help with the ripping up and removal of old synthetic surfacing. We can carry out this service at a reasonable price and offer details on the benefits of renewing your synthetic turf carpet. If you would like to talk to our staff about having to rip up existing artificial turf surfaces in Aylesham CT3 3 then simply complete our contact form.

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